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At hariom seva , we run a kitchen providing free food to the needy . We organize free food camps at different locations on weekends. We continuously try to co-ordinate and take support from various event management companies requesting them for organizing free meals / food camps, where we serve the food that is leftover at such events . With an objective to serve the needy as well as avoid any wastage of food.

our goal is to provide free food to the needy.
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Hariom seva was started by Manas Gupta , as an initiative to serve free and wholesome food to the needy and underprivileged people.

The concept is similar to Langar Seva as practiced by people from Sikh Relegion where they run a kitchen to provide free food to all the underprivileged people in the society by organizing free meal camps at Gurudwaras [Sikh Temple] as well as various locations. 

Inspired by it , Manas started this service from his home kitchen on a small scale by serving 20 -40 people over the weekend.
It has now turned into a full fledged kitchen [outsourced to different vendors] where large amount of meals are prepared to serve free food at the camps organized over the weekends at different locations in Delhi , India.
We also take support of various event management companies to address the issue of wastage of food & try to precure the leftover food from various events for serving it to needy people.



According to us to multiply our free food camps and to also connect those having surplus quantities of food can donate it to the ones who cannot afford two square meals a day.
We want to add up to the Second Sustainable Development Goal Laid by UN in 2020 i.e. Zero Hunger as a profound change of global food and agriculture system is needed to nourish todays 800 million hungry.

The Benefit

  • It would help UN achieving the 2nd SDG Goal to a certain extent .
  • Improve nutrition
  • Stimulate economic growth and development
  • Increase access to fresh produce
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