Delhi is home to many daily wage workers and labourers as it is one of the largest commercial centres in the world. The labour working at construction site is one such example and even considered to be the most hardworking class as even the women carry heavy weights of bricks, rods and concrete on their heads and backs. Despite toiling the entire day, their meagre income do not let them have a complete meal and sometimes skip one meal in a day. Above all, they keep shifting from one place to another and thus face many other problems. 

HARIOM SEVA, run by Manas and his family an initiative to help people unable to afford a square meal. While , he was visiting his father’s construction site, he conversed with all the labour- enquired about their native villages, from where they originally belong to, the kind of difficulties they face while staying and working at the construction site. Later, he distributed Khichadi ( an Indian cuisine made of rice and lentils) which is not heavy to digest, keeps the stomach desirably full, does not give a drowsy feeling and keep them energised for their work. He has made this activity a part of his weekly routine

He makes these changes in the relevant portion by substituting with the above , he keeps doing this act of goodness for all such people as over the period of time, he has inculcated the value of equality and treats everyone equally irrespective of their work, caste, colour etc. He even arranges food and clothes for small children living there and even distributes sock so that they feel cozy in the winter weather . 

The free kitchen- HARIOM SEVA has been running for quite some time now and with the support of his family. This free kitchen is an example of how alone we can do so little, but together we can do so much and little efforts bring out big changes in the society around him, making these people happy and motivated to do their work diligently with a touch of humanity. 

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