Barsi(death anniversary) is marked every year on the the day when the transient stay on earth ends and soul leaves for heavenly abode. Generally people visit their beloved ones final resting place or religious place to pray for the peace of the soul and make offerings to few priests. 

Manas’s grandmother instilled such imprints which has turned an idea into , a free kitchen. She sowed seeds of love and wisdom here on earth that will continue to bloom forever.

It is impossible to curb hunger all over the world but our little efforts can atleast help us to curb hunger around our area and carrying this belief diligently, Manas believes in organising communal free kitchen on such occasions in his life. Likewise he did it on his grandmother’s death anniversary by organising the same for such people around his area like- construction site workers, cart pullers, vendors, rag- pickers etc. Manas is able to provide food and support such people because of his free kitchen, HARIOM SEWA which he has been running since years with the support of his family, who always help and encourage him to keep doing such good deeds for the welfare of the society. 

Working on the path of his grand mother , he believes in creating a systematic change in the society and marking such moments with free food to curb hunger as much as he can.. 

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