Occasions like Dussehra are just like any other day for some underprivileged people of the society such as construction site workers, vendors, cart pullers, rag pickers etc.since they are tirelessly working day and night to make their ends meet and survive in this world with their daily struggles.

To bring some joy and happiness in their stressful life, an initiative was taken by MANAS GUPTA who decided to spend and share the festivities of Dussehra with them. Through the kitchen run by HARIOM SEVA, Manas organised a free meal camp and other activities to celebrate Dussehra with these special ones.

He wanted to enjoy the Dussehra with these special ones as his simple deeds brings a smile on the faces of small children by simply providing them with free and wholesome good food along with delicious sweets.
Manas makes sincere efforts to make sure such occasions are made cheerful for all such people who are deprived of basic amenities. In this effort, he organised special Dussehra celebration at a ground and gathered all these people, gave them free food and made small children burn the effigy of Raavan by making them Ram while bringing smiles on their faces when they also felt overwhelmed and important.
He is able to provide free food with the support of his friends and family, who become a part of his campaign everytime he steps up to do something for all such people. Further, his free meal camps under HARIOM SEWA has been running for a long time which is the biggest support and encouragement for him to keep continuing doing his work and shining his and their lives.

Manas always comes forward to give these special ones a ray of light and happiness even if it if for some period of time and eventually helps them to keep moving on with hopes in their heart and light in their eyes.

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