Occasions like Christmas and New Year are days to celebrate, enjoy and make merry. The privileged ones go to clubs, organise home parties, go for a vacation and enjoy the festive and holiday season in full swing. On the other hand there are underprivileged people like- the construction site workers, vendors, cart pullers, rag- pickers etc who have no other option but to toil themselves to make their ends meet. They neither have time nor resources to enjoy themselves. 

To make such days special for all the lower strata of people around us, there are people like Manas Gupta, a 12thgrade student of GD Goenka who makes an effort to celebrate these days with such people around him. To make these days count, he went to a construction site in his neighbourhood and distributed sweets amongst them and made them feel special and gaily. Along with sweets he even distributed cake to all the nearby vendors, cart pullers and daily wage earners. This kind of food made them happy in a different way as getting all this is a luxury for them and they could actually call it a New Year. 

Manas is  very considerate towards these people as only to help such people he has made his free kitchen, HARIOM SEVA, which he has been running for quite some time with the support of his family. To mark all the occasions special and memorable for them, he rigorously organises communal free food for all of them to keep lighten up their lives and hopes. 

These people are not meant to keep toiling themselves for basic survival but deserve equal amount of happiness and celebration in life. Thus, one should believe in doing good deeds for all of them and Manas Gupta is the perfect example of serving the humanity along with keeping his studies a part. 

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