India celebrates Republic Day every year on 26th January as on this day the Constitution of Free India was laid in 1950. This year -74th REPUBLIC DAY was celebrated in it’s own pure and grandeur way as it celebrates the nation’s culture that resides in the heart and soul of it’s people. When one section of the society enjoys the celebration of republic Day and relish it in it’s own ways as this day is marked as a National holiday. On the other hand, there is a section of society who are left to toil themselves on roads to earn their daily wages. 

To mark this day special and to live the spirit of Free India, Manas Gupta arranged a free kitchen for all those daily wage earners like- cart pullers, vendors, rag-pickers etc. as they are the part of the same India, who have not been able to free themselves from the daily toil and struggles of life. People gathered to savour the delicious aroma of the food and relish the food in such a way that gave contentment to see them eating and not worrying of how to arrange food for at least a day in their lives and even distributed socks so that they could at least rest with warmth.

The incomparable satisfaction that Manas gets when such people relish the food without any worry, motivated him to run a free kitchen, HARIOM SEVA, which is in service for quite some time with the support of his family and friends, Manas keeps arranging free food for all the deprived people of the society and the satisfaction achieved in both ways. 

The free service has instilled the feeling of oneness and humanity in Manas and made him realise that the real joy lies in giving, rather than taking. By making the special occasions important by celebrating them in the right manner and giving happiness to all such people who are deprived of basic rights in life. 

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